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Akaroa Copyright and Conditions

AKAROA © Copyright 1992-1993, Department of Computer Science, University of Canterbury, New Zealand. All rights reserved.

AKAROA2 © Copyright 1995-2015, MRIP Simulation Limited. All rights reserved.

Use of Akaroa2 requires a licence. see Licensing for more information.


The original implementation of AKAROA (versions 0, 0.0 and 0.1) was designed and implemented at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand by Dr. K. Pawlikowski and Victor Yau (Computer Science) and Dr. D. McNickle (Management). Peter Smith (Computer Science) was involved in the preparation of this software (version 0.1). This project was partially sponsored by Telecom Australia Research Laboratories in Melbourne, Australia.

The current implementation (AKAROA2) has been re-designed and re-implemented by Dr. G. Ewing, Dr. K. Pawlikowski and Dr. D. McNickle. Contributions have been made by Adrian FREETH, Nelson SHAW, Adriaan SCHMIDT, Mirko EICKHOFF, Ruth LEE, Beshid GHORBANI, Lorraine de VERE, Chris STACEY, William GITTOES, Marcus SCHOO, Mofassir HAQUE, Ludger BISHOFS and Jin HONG.


Last modified:  10 Apr 2015